Real Estate Video Marketing has been gaining more and more interest, as relators find out the huge impact it has on getting new clients.

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to get a potential customer to visit a property without having them watch a well-made listing video beforehand.

Nonetheless, based on the real estate video marketing stats we’ve gathered below, most Realtors don’t take advantage of Video, which gives a huge advantage to any realtors that do.

We’ve gathered the most interesting Real Estate Video statistics to back up the points above:

Real Estate Agents
Real Estate Video Marketing Stats Infographic

Relator Statistic #1: Only 9% of agents create Listing Videos

Shocking isn’t? based on the National Association of Realtor’s research, the absolute majority of real estate agents don’t create any videos, whatsoever, to promote their listings and get more clients.

In fact, among the realtors that participated in the study, only 9% create dedicated videos for their listings.

The main reason for that is the misconception that creating a Real Estate marketing video is expensive and time-consuming.

Truth is, in an era where videos are the most consumed content type on the Internet, creating such videos is not as expensive as it used to be.

Relator Statistic #2: Almost 73% of Homeowners will more likely hire an Agent that uses Video

In research done by, 73% of the homeowners that participated in the study said they’re more likely to hire a Real Estate Agent that uses video over one that doesn’t.

Homeowners looking to sell their house, understand the value of featuring their house to potential clients using online videos, whether distributed on social media or dedicated websites.

A homeowner is more likely to hire a realtor that takes full advantage of video and modern online marketing channels, vs the same old realtor that uses craigslist text ads.

Relator Statistic #3: 64% of Consumers Make a Purchase after Branded Social Videos

Looking to get more clients to your Real Estate Agency? what are the current ways potential customers are exposed to your services?

Well, we bet you’ve answered yes for the first question. As for the second question, the answer should be – Social Media. Or to be precise – Video on Social Media.

A study done by Tubular Insights reveals that 64% of consumers made a purchase, or hired a paid professional only after watching a marketing video.

Create a Video ad for your business, and find out what’s the best 2020 way of generating leads on Facebook.

Relator Statistic #4: 82% of all consumer internet traffic will be video consumption by the year 2022 (Cisco)

According to a statistical prediction analysis done by the communications giant Cisco, by the year 2022 the absolute majority of internet traffic (82%) will be driven by video consumption.

This means, that if your business is not going master video marketing by 2022, you’ll be left out in the dark.

Fortunately, this increase in video consumption drives lower price rates for video production and making, check out our article – How much does producing a video ad cost.

Relator Statistic #5: Consumers Perceive 95% of a Message When watching a Video, Compared to only 10% through Text (Insivia)

One of the most important aspects of marketing is getting the “point” across. A study by Invisia shows that a marketing message is understood more thoroughly when delivered through video.

In fact, test group analysis shows that consumers that watched a video perceived 95% of its marketing message vs 10% for the test group that consumed just text.

Relator Statistic #6: Social media posts with video have 48% more views. (HubSpot)

One of the challenges in social media marketing is to get organic exposure. Facebook has been decreasing organic exposure to encourage page owners to promote their posts with “boost posts” or Facebook ads.

But, there’s still one way left to trick Facebook’s algorithm into driving free organic traffic to your posts – Use Video.

Video has been prooving itself as the only post type that still gets organic exposure.

Relator Statistic #7: Nearly 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before making a purchase. (Hubspot)

A study done by Hubspot shows that almost 50% of internet users will watch a video before spending any money.

In the real estate industry, a client will want to watch a video and see the realtor he’s about to hire before he even approaches him.

Realtor profile videos have been prooving to be a great deal in terms of client sign-in improvement.

Relator Statistic #8: Featuring a Video on your website increases your chances by 53% on showing on the first page of a Google search results

According to Buzzstream Relator’s Websites that feature a video on their homepage is 53% more likely to show up on a search query’s first page of results.

Considering the fact that users that are searching for real estate related terms and keywords are likely to end up watching a video, it makes sense Google will boost real estate related websites that feature videos on their home page.


We’ve gathered some of the most interesting Real Estate Video Marketing related statistics, mentioned their sources and explained them.

The only conclusion is – If you’re a Real Estate Agent, looking to get new clients and/or sell houses, soon, if not now, you won’t be able to do it without video.

In your opinion what’s the most important Real Estate Video type?


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