As Real Estate Agents, we all know the importance of a good online appearance.
Studies show that 76% of all buyers found their homes on a mobile device.
Isn’t that amazing? Nonetheless, most Real Estate Agents are missing one significant online effort – Videos.

Real Estate Agents
Sources: www.nar.raltor/research-and-statistics

And yet, most real estate agents don’t use videos and most of those that do, do it poorly.
It’s not enough to simply create a video. 
You need to create the right video and get it in front of the right people at the right time. 
By using the advanced targeting filters provided by Google and Facebook, you can make marketing videos, post them as video advertisements, and ensure that the right people see them at the right time.
So what’s the best way to do it?
Read on.

How to mass-produce effective Real Estate Marketing Videos?

It used to be hard to make a video: a difficult process involving a large group of professionals (writer, director, producer, editor, actors) with a ton of expensive equipment that could take months from script to final product and cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars (referring to small business budgets, the big brands can spend millions on a single video). 
Most small businesses didn’t even try.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago when a new kind of solution appeared on the scene.
Marketing Video Makers like –, and
Offering everything you need to create effective marketing videos for as low as 50-100$.
Millions of licensed video clips, photos, and music all wrapped to a simple editor that anyone can use.

Some of them contain video templates, which have been constructed per industry, and proven to drive results.

Which Video Templates Should I use?

Real Estate video templates are grouped into 2 categories, which align with the 2 stages of an Online Advertising Funnel:

Which Video Templates Should I use?

Each stage has its own goals, advertising methods, and video types.
A successful online campaign that results in actual clients, must consist of both stages.
In the following bit of the article, we’re going to take you through it all, how to create the right videos for every stage, and how to successfully promote them on FB.

The final goal is paying clients, but before that, there are other goals to accomplish.
We don’t like lazy real estate agents. If you are one of those, you can quit reading right here.

* The article is based on data gathered from ten’s of successful real estate marketing campaigns in the US over the course of four years (2015-2019)

Ready to create your Real Estate Marketing Video?  Let’s get started…

Plan your Real Estate Awareness Stage

Most Real Estate Agents are competing for the same small pool of clients that are ready to perform an action right now. 

When a customer is ready to make an action ( i.e sell/buy/rent a house)  he already subconsciously knows who to approach. 

You guessed right, the big boys who pre-invested hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in branding efforts.  

In order for your agency to be a fair consideration, the potential clients must know who you are way before they’re ready to make an action. A memorable marketing video is the core of this stage in the funnel.

The main objective of the foundation stage is “video views” and “Page Likes”, and with FB’s average paid views prices ranging from $0.05 to $0.10, you no longer have to be a big brand to have a good branding foundation. 

With a $500 investment, your brand could get 5k-10k views and around 650 page likes.

And if your video is done right, it could get “shared” by ad viewers, and you’ll earn even more exposure. We’ve had clients that used some of the video templates shared below, invested $1k on FB advertising and got +60k views in their desired geographical locations.

Screenshot of a Real Estate 2 stage campaign FB campaign, that drives relevant Leads for $22 each:

Real Estate 2 stage campaign FB campaign

What gets a video many shares? What makes a marketing video memorable?

According to our experience, accomplishing the awareness stage’s goals is easiest with funny and emotional video content.

Holiday related videos had great results as well.

See below the best performing marketing video templates for real estate agents.

With a $500 investment, your brand could get 5k-10k views and around 650 page likes.

And if your video is done right, it could get “shared” by ad viewers, and you’ll earn even more exposure. We’ve had clients that used some of the video templates shared below, invested $1k on FB advertising and got +60k views in their desired geographical locations.

Awareness Stage Real Estate Video Templates

One of the best variety of Real estate marketing video templates can be found at Promo. Their media library is huge, and constantly updating with new Real Estate Video templates

screenshot from promo’s Real Estate video templates page:

Real Estate video templates page

The ones that worked best for us in the awareness stage were – the emotional ones like “perfect day“, “grateful home” and “your home“.

And some funny ones like – like “Rainy-Home“, “Your-Own-Place” and “Miss-Leading“.

There is also a bunch of Holidays related Real Estate video templates that work great when served on specific times of the year:

4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas and even Hanukkah!

If you can’t find your pick and promo’s, we suggest you look around at some of their competitors – “Moovly“, “WeVideo” and “Renderforest“.

This step-by-step guide is based on promo’s video editor but can be applied for any online marketing video maker.

Any of promo’s templates can be 100% customized and changed to your needs, you could add or remove video clips from an existing video template, or just create a video from scratch.

There are two kinds of video clips – premium clips, and ‘unlimited’ clips. The difference is mainly caused by the source of the video, the premium ones were produced by promo or its partners, therefore they are more up to date, unique and useful. While the unlimited clips were purchased by Promo from external sources, and are usually shorter bits of video.

You can always use your own personal footage as well:

Add your property’s images, video snapshots, and listing details.

Place them just on spot, between professional video footage chosen from promo’s 15M video clips library. Add custom music and you’re good to go.

Each video template or any video mashup you’ll create will be made by these an amount of premium and unlimited clips.

Generally, the Real Estate video templates are composed of 1 – 5 premium clips, depends on the type of video.

Promo has different subscription packages that give you a certain amount of premium clips to use, the unlimited clips are obviously unlimited

It’s important to note that once you’ve downloaded a marketing video, it’s yours, even if you cancel your subscription to promo, you still own full commercial rights.

Here is Promo’s Pricing Plan:’s Monthly Packages:’s Monthly Packages’s Yearly Packages:’s Yearly Packages

P.S – if you don’t like the idea of creating your video ad yourself, check out our detailed article for more options – How to make a marketing video ad

Plan your Real Estate Lead Generation Stage

Following the Awareness Stage video, there’s an audience pool that already engaged with your Real Estate Agency.

Now, they’re no longer a “cold” audience that doesn’t know anything about you, and it’s a great time to “retarget” the audience that showed most interactions with your previous video, this time, asking them to perform an action.

The action could be going to your website to browse around your properties, or to submit their contact details for you to call them back:

FB now launched an ad unit (FB Lead Forms) that allows you to ask for your audience contact details while on FB, without the need to go out to an external website.

FB Lead Forms show better conversion rates, from video view to lead than asking your audience to go to your website. 

A Lead Generation Video, as opposed to the Awareness Stage Video, is rather informative than memorable. It should contain plenty of attractive Real Estate Footage (from the video clips library or/and your original footage) and a very clear call to action.

A call to action is a message displayed on the last seconds of the video, and should direct the users to perform the action you want them to make like: “RSVP Now”, “Learn more” or any other action based request.

Call to Action example
Lead Generation stage Real Estate video templates

This time look for informative video templates/clips, and by information we mean either – visual information in the form of real estate footage and property pictures or lingual information in the form of a person giving knowledge:

You can easily upload a short clip of yourself mentioning best practices when first examining a house, describing what you like about a specific neighborhood (to be later targeted as an audience) or just introduce your agency and place it in between professional video clips making it seem like a $20k production video.

Don’t forget to choose background music, and place a clear call to action (can be recorded by a person as well) and you already got your first lead generation real estate video.

Some of the templates we liked for this stage are “The-Day-Is-Here“, “All-The-Houses” and “Buy-a-Home“.

Customize your Real Estate Marketing Template

Once you choose the video template that fits your needs, it’s time to customize it.

In the section below we’ll teach you how to easily edit any wanted part of the video.

Tasks like adding your agency’s logo, editing text and adding your own property’s photos or video footage, its all extremely easy’s editor.

1. Point on any video template and click on “customize” :

Promo Templates

2. Move, edit and change the styling of any text on the video:

  • The bottom bar shows text components along the video template
  • Click on any text component to drag and drop it anywhere on the video’s screen
  • Double click a text component to edit its text
  • Click a text component and change it’s styling on the right bar

3. Change the video’s music:

  • Choose ‘Music” on the left side menu
  • Browse different music tracks
  • Point your preferred track and click on “use track”
Promo Library

4. Change clip’s timing

  • Bottom bar indicates the video clips and text components
  • Drag and drop any video clip to change its location in the video
  • Change any video clip’s length by adjusting the bottom video cursor

5. Add Clips from Promo’s library or your own photos and videos

  • Click on “Media” on the left side menu
  • Point on any video clip and click “use”
  • Click “upload” on the top right side to upload your own videos and photos
Promo Library

6. Add your Agency’s logo

  • Double click on the “outro” text component
  • Change its styling on the right side menu
  • Double click the logo component to edit it
  • choose the cloud sign to upload your own logo
Movie Editor

7. Preview and export video

  • Click on ‘Save & Preview’
  • Creating a video and exploring Promo’s video library (clips & templates) is free, but in order to get a full commercial license for the video you created and download it to your computer you need a paid subscription (click publish)
Creating a video and exploring Promo’s video library

Promote your Video of Facebook Ads

FB is absolutely the most advanced advertising platform in terms of targeting.

There are many different targeting options to choose from, to get your Real Estate video in front of the correct eyes.

​Here are initial recommendations for setting up your ads targeting

1. Age & Gender

Age & Gender

2. Location 

Location Map

By neighborhood names/zip codes +  in some cases can add a range in miles. We recommend targeting the zip codes that typically move to where you’re selling based on past selling history + a radius around the zip codes of your actual properties

3. Detailed Targeting

Detailed Targeting

5. Excluded Targeting

Excluded Targeting

Check out our detailed article: Generating Leads with Facebook Video Ads in 2020?

Congratulations – You’re Ready to Launch!

Please keep up to date with our site, as we’re adding new articles weekly, and updating this article every once in a while to add more valuable insights.

To quickly summarise the steps you’ve learned:

Please use the comment section below to ask us questions or give any feedback! We really want to provide valuable content for our readers.
Thanks, hope we’ve helped your real estate agency grow!


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