Video Makers Comparison Table

You’re looking to create a Marketing Video with an easy-to-use Video Maker that will provide the specific features you need.
While Video Makers can help you create your video in minutes, finding the best video builder for your needs (promo, social, how to’s or any other video type) could become time-consuming.

Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you, and we present this comparison chart that features the top 5 Online marketing video makers side by side. 

Below the table, there’s a dictionary where you can find out more about each of the features mentioned in the marketing video comparison table below:
Video Design
Variety of Video Templates✓✓✓✓
Video Templates Per Category✓✓
Brand Overlay
Drag & Drop editorxx
Fully Customizablexx
Speed Adjustmentx
Split / Mergexx
Supports HD ResolutionPremium packages onlyPremium packages onlyPremium packages onlyPremium packages only
Text Overlay
3D Video Editingxxxx
Video Dimensions FlexibilityPremium packages onlyPremium packages onlyPremium packages onlyPremium packages only
Media Library
Video Library✓✓
Music Library✓✓✓✓
Stock Photos✓✓✓✓
Animation Library✓✓
24/7 Support✓✓x✓✓xx
Telephone Support✓✓x✓✓xx
Online support✓✓✓✓
Pricing & Packages
Starting price
Overall Value for money✓✓✓✓x
Free Versionx
Free Trialx
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Comparison Table’s Features Dictionary 

You’re interested in making a marketing video for your business, you researched and found this video makers comparison table, but, you don’t entirely understand all the features mentioned in the table.  

Don’t lose your patience yet, because below you’ll find a Video Maker’s Features Dictionary that explains every part of the comparison table:

Video Design Features

Variety of Video Templates – 

Most marketing video makers have pre-made video templates, made by professional videographers, and tested on a real audience. They are fully customizable and serve as an extremely good jump start to making a marketing video for your business

Video Templates per Category – 

Marketing Video templates can be specifically made for a certain industry, for example – Real Estate or Fitness instructors, if a video maker has Video Templates per category its more likely you’ll find a fit for your business

Brand Overlay –

The possibility of adding a logo into your marketing video

Drag and Drop editor – 

Drag and drop is a functionality that allows you to easily move and place different objects of your marketing video like video clips, text overlays, and music

Fully customizable –

A video template/maker that can be 100% customized to your needs

Speed Adjustments –

Controlling the speed of video clips

Split / Merge – 

Being able to split a video clip, or merge a few different video clips

Supports HD resolution –

Some video makers provide High resolution 1080P video clips, and support HD video upload, some of them support this feature only in premium packages

Text Overlay – 

The possibility of adding custom text messaging on any part of your marketing video

3D Video Editing – 

Editing 3D video clips into your marketing video

Video Dimensions Flexibility – 

Exporting your marketing video into different screen dimensions: Long, Square, and Wide 

Video Library –

Some marketing video makers contain huge video libraries of useful clips that can be used for your video ad

Stock Photos – 

Libraries of stock photos to use in your marketing video 

Animation Library – 

​Media libraries that contain animated clips/photos

Customer Support features

Telephone Support – 

Video makers that have customer support over a voice call

Online support – 

Video makers that have customer support over an online chat

Tutorials – 

Video makers that have a knowledge base with tutorials and articles

24/7 Support – 

Does the marketing video maker contain 24/7 customer support?

Video Design Features

Starting price – 

The price of the cheapest premium package that the marketing video maker offers

Overall Value for money – 

MarketingVideoExpert’s grade for value for money for each marketing video maker

Free Version – 

Does the marketing video maker contain a free timeless package?

Free Trial – 

Does the marketing video maker contain a free trial?