Nowadays creating a Marketing Video Ad for your business has been easier than ever. You no longer need to hire a production company and expensive equipment.

Most cellphones can produce high-quality footage that wouldn’t embarrass any brand, and together with premium video clips purchased online (of any kind!), there’s isn’t really a need for a dedicated expensive production.

You can even go straight to, which is an online marketing video maker, where anyone can create a customized marketing video for their business with no design or tech skills, using promo’s per-industry video templates.

But, nonetheless, it’s always important to keep in mind the following guidelines when making a marketing video:

Resonate with the potential clients

Know your audience. You can define their persona based on your existing customers, or rely on general knowledge of the industry.

Next, and this is crucial for any kind of marketing effort – be empathetic.

Get in their shoes, and figure out what they might like in terms of – Video’s style and contents.

What they’d want to hear about your business? What’re the emotions you want to get out of your video ad viewers?

Example: A Fitness instructor should have a fast-paced video ad, that injects motivation in its viewers. On the contrary, a real estate video ad should be rather slow and informational, giving the viewer a chance to soak every piece of that property’s footage.

Tell a story

Videos are a great marketing channel because they captivate the viewer’s attention and take them on a journey.

Take advantage of that and tell your business’s best story. How you started out? what’s your competitive advantage?

Keep in mind that a good story always has a beginning, middle, and end, and in our case (marketing video ads) it just means to make sure your messaging is organized in a logical order.

Example: you wouldn’t start your video by asking your viewers to visit your website. You’d first earn their trust and then call for action. Answer a question / Educate the audience

Some videos use this opportunity to address frequently asked customer questions, or touch on a known customer pain point.

This will earn your viewer’s trust by showing you’re in touch with your clients and might dismiss a viewer’s prejudice that would have stopped him from becoming a customer.

Example: certain viewers might not engage with a car leasing company just because they didn’t mention anything about their minimal lease period.
The prejudice is that a car lease is a minimum of 3 years contract, although in some cases it could be lower.

Include a call to action 

The most important component of a marketing video ad (and actually any marketing ad) is to invite the audience to engage.

It’s done by placing a clear, to the point, text and voice-over (latter is optional) that invites the ad viewers to perform the desired action, whether it’s visiting your website, downloading your app, RSVP’ing an event or any other action that’ll advance your business.

It’s important to keep one single call to action per video ad, to avoid user’s confusion, and to rightfully place it within the rest of the video’s content, usually on the end frame.

The best performing call to action you can make is one where you or anyone else from your team, is featured in the video to make that call to action. This gives the audience a more human impression of your brand and usually drives better results than just a text CTA.

Example –

Call to Action Example

Be a part of a video funnel

Studies show that on average, a viewer becomes a paying customer after 7 ad interactions with the brand (source).

This means the best video marketing strategy is to create a video marketing ad funnel, that would consist of a few videos, in which the first video’s viewers (or specifically the ones that watched it to the end) would be retargeted with the following video ads.

It’s common to create an “awareness” video (using humor, elegance or sparking emotions) to capture a wider audience, and than retarget the most interested viewers with a more down-to-the-point “action” video ad.

You’re good to go.

Keep in mind these 5 guidelines in every step of your video ad making, let’s go over the steps again:

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